Our basic package of services «Social Media»

A package of services aimed at SMM promoting your business on social networks, where it is easy to sell a product or service

We will fill your account with entertaining, informative and promotional posts.

We will select photos on special resources to promote and advertise your company, and adjust them to the overall design of your profile.

We will create a detailed plan for the content upload. Everything will be interesting, useful, and most importantly on time!

We will personally monitor the uploading of content to social networks. So that posts appear regularly, and you do not disappear from the feed of your subscribers.

We will set up / create an advertising account for the further launch of advertising on Facebook and Instagram

We will set up working advertising for your products and services. And we will regularly monitor her work.

The Social Networks package will help you to comprehensively promote your company, get effective SMM promotion, customer confidence and stable income in the future.

The cost of the Package «Social Media»

320 $ (per month)

If for some reason you do not need some items, or, on the contrary, you need to complete more tasks, we will compile for you an individual package of services to promote your business!

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