Package “Online Business Promotion”

Everyone has heard the phrase of Bill Gates: “If you are not on the Internet, you are not in business.” But its popularity does not negate its veracity. If you want your company to develop and generate good income, you need to rely on online sales.

We work for the result, but do not build castles in the air

Our basic package of services "Online Business Promotion":

We know the importance of promoting online business. Therefore, we have created a package of services that will allow people to learn about your company.

The look of your Instagram page is very important. A beautiful picture always pushes the customer to buy. We will take care of your page: fill it with photo content, texts, create bindings to the necessary services.

The page must sell. Therefore, we will fill it with the necessary information and prepare it for promotion.

We will prepare a workspace for setting up advertising on the most popular search network.

With Google analytics tools, we will track ad success and company revenue. This information will allow us to optimize all settings in the future to maximize revenue. Using Facebook advertising tools, we will know who visited your site. And show them ads already on social networks.

Prepare a workspace for setting up Facebook and Instagram ads.

We will set up advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook and Instagram: we will write selling texts, we will conduct test ads, and we will calculate your target audience. And we will sell!

The "Online Business Promotion" package will help you promote your company on the Internet. And also get the trust of customers and a stable income in the future.

The cost of the package " Online Business Promotion "

From 320 $

If for some reason you do not need some items, or, on the contrary, you need to complete more tasks, we will compile for you an individual package of services to promote your business!


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