Google Ads

Setting up Google Ads campaign is the fastest way to find customers!

At Ad Space, we offer not just setting up an advertising campaign, but creating an effective marketing complex for your business.

Advertising on Google with Ad SPACE includes:

We customize all types of ads in Google Ads.
Search engine advertising. Contextual media advertising. Advertising on Youtube. Google Shopping Ads


Strategy and forecasting

We will study the niche of your business. Analyze competitors. Choose a promotion strategy. Collect the necessary queries. Show the forecast of the results. Approve the required budget.

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Setting up a campaign

Contextual advertising from Google has many nuances. We will take into account everything so that your ads give the best possible result.

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Effective ad set up

After the test, we select the most effective campaigns. We will optimize them, bringing them to the ideal.

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Setting up Google Analytics

We evaluate not only the effectiveness of individual advertising, but also the effectiveness of the investment. We make a miscalculation of profitability and other important economic indicators. We always use Google Analytics tools. We evaluate each step and get the most out of it.

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Setting up

Sales funnel creation Setting up remarketing

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We make detailed reports. Evaluating the effectiveness of contextual advertising is the most important factor in achieving the best results.

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What is the cost of Google PPC advertising?

The cost of setting up one advertising campaign is on average 100$.

Is the Google Analytics setting included in the cost of the advertising campaign?

No, setting up conversion events is charged separately. The cost of setting depends on the amount of information and the level of complexity. On average, the cost of setting up Google Analytics is UAH 150$.

How long does it take to set up Google adwords?

Google Ads setup usually takes 3 to 7 days. It takes 1-3 months to optimize ads to achieve the most effective results.