SMM promotion

The services of the SMM agency Ad SPACE are not just about maintaining accounts on social networks. SMM is, first of all, a search for unique ways of working with potential clients. Creation of the company’s image on the social network and the establishment of marketing links.

We provide a wide range of SMM services: from creating copyright content to setting up effective targeted advertising.

What do we offer?

Facebook SMM

◉ We'll develop a content plan that will be interesting for your audience.

◉  We'll write texts that will be reposted and discussed.

◉  We'll come up with unique methods of interaction with the audience

◉  We'll run effective targeted advertising.

◉  We'll provide regular reporting.

◉  We'll run the page.

◉  We'll Make your brand recognizable.

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Instagram SMM

◉ Setting up business bindings with FB pages

◉ We'll develop a system of cool details that will be specific to your brand on your account.

◉ We'll create a personal, unique style for your page.

◉ We'll select methods of interaction with the audience, to which they will definitely pay attention and react.

◉ We'll set up targeted advertising. We will run the page.

◉ We'll make your brand unique and recognizable online.

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How do we work?


→ Analysis of the niche of your business and competitors


→ Personal marketing strategy


→ Writing a content plan and producing original media content.


→Setting up advertising campaigns


→ Create a profile design.


→ Maintaining company pages.

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What is the cost of SMM promotion?

SMM promotion with the Ad SPACE company includes a whole range of services. Therefore, SMM price will depend on the set of services required specifically for your business.

We create an individual package for each client.

What SMM services do you provide on Instagram?

The Ad SPACE company always emphasizes the importance of an integrated approach in online business promotion. Depending on the niche and the specifics of the business, the range of required services may vary.

But most often we provide the following SMM services in batch:

  • Content plan creation.
  • Creation of visual design of the profile.
  • Photo / video content creation.
  • Writing text content.
  • Creation of a set of methods for direct interaction with potential customers and subscribers (conducting contests, conducting surveys, encouraging communication, etc.).
  • Regular posting of posts and stories.
  • Setting up targeted advertising.
The peculiarity of the approach to advertising of the Ad SPACE company

We always first analyze - and only then implement the necessary tools. We will never offer SMM services that do not give the desired results at the stage of forecasting. SMM should always be implemented in a complex. Therefore, we create a business model that is programmed to achieve the set goals.

SMM price in Kyiv?

The price of SMM Kyiv is the same as in any city of Ukraine. After all, we mainly provide services online. At Ad SPACE, the average price for a complex of SMM services is from UAH 8000.