Landing page creation

We will create a landing page for any need and for any budget.

We know that each of our clients is unique. And we are able to cover any of your needs!

We work for the result, but do not build castles in the air

Do you need a website to sell a seasonal product or a specific service?

We offer:

Landing page creation in 3 days

We will write down a further strategy for website promotion

Minimum cost of work

We will show how to manage the site independently

Do you need a branded landing page to promote your company online?

We offer:

Landing page creation in 3 days

Analytics connection

Filling the page with text content

We will show you how to manage the site independently

Creating a design that matches your brand

Writing down a further strategy for website promotion

Landing Page creation with Ad SPACE is:

Author's design

We will create a website that will fully convey the essence of your product and brand.

Convenient CMS

We use the popular CMS WordPress site management system. This will give you the opportunity to independently manage the site.

Reasonable price

To order a turnkey landing page is inexpensive. The cost of a one-page site is only 200 $ (the amount includes not only the creation of the page, but also its filling, as well as the connection of all the necessary analytics systems).

Filling with unique content

We will fill the site with the texts that will be sold. And they will allow you to create working advertising in the future.

Adaptation for different screens

The site will be equally convenient both on the screen of a smartphone or tablet, and on a computer monitor or laptop.

Individual package of services

If you do not need analytics, author’s design, or you have your own texts, you can order the creation of a landing page with a minimum package of settings for only 100 $

Ordering a landing page is a wise decision for your business. This will help increase sales, introduce customers to your brand, and expand advertising opportunities.

Answers to your questions

A page for selling one product or service will cost you 100$. The price includes:

  • Page design according to one of the templates.
  • Adaptation for mobile and computer versions
  • detailed check list with all points of further promotion

Landing page on order costs from 200$ UAH. This price includes:

  • design,
  • page layout,
  • Filling content,
  • analytics connection
  • adaptation of the site for the screens of a smartphone, tablet, computer
  • a detailed checklist with all points of further advancement

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