Targeted advertising

Ordering targeted advertising is an opportunity to introduce your product to as many users as possible, get new clients and increase your income.

Targeted advertising services

At Ad Space, we do not set up advertising campaigns, we create individual marketing systems. Advertising works absolutely always, the main thing is to choose the right tools for achieving goals and combine them into an effective model.

Facebook targeting


◉ Setting up an advertising account

◉ Developing an advertising plan

◉ Creating a customer avatar

◉ Writing advertising texts

◉ Using marketing chips

◉ Setting up advertising

◉ Analyzing the results

◉ Tracking advertising campaigns



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Instagram targeting


◉ Setting up business bindings with FB pages

 ◉ Analyzing the appearance of the page

 ◉ Preparing photos for uploading to IG

 ◉ Developing an advertising plan

 ◉ Creating a customer avatar

 ◉ Writing advertising texts

 ◉ Using marketing chips

 ◉ Setting up advertising

 ◉ Analyzing the results

 ◉ Tracking advertising campaigns.

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Targeted advertising agency Ad SPACE offers:

We always first analyze – and only then implement the necessary tools. We will never offer services, at the stage of forecasting that do not give the desired results. You can order targeted advertising in social networks at Ad Space and be sure that you will receive only the high-level services you need.


→ Analysis of your social media pages.


→ Study


→ Optimizing


→ Personal promotion strategy in social networks


→ The whole range of services: content + advertising setup


→ Support of advertising campaigns

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How much does Targeted advertising cost?

The price of targeted advertising on social media depends on the amount of work. The more ad groups you need to set up, the higher price will be. When making an offer for our clients, we always prescribe several price options: maximum, optimal and minimum. At the same time, we form groups in such a way that even with a minimal package advertising will work properly.

What does “targeted advertising” mean?

Targeted ads are ads that are shown only to a specific audience of people. It is seen only by those users who (according to Facebook) need your product or service. While setting up ads, we determine the avatar of your client, and show ads to people who fit this description.

Who needs targeted advertising?

Everyone. If you have your own business, you need to tell the world about it. And given the fact that many people now spend a lot of time on social networks, ordering targeting is a great opportunity to get new customers, buyers and expand your business.

How do you set up an advertising campaign on Facebook or Instagram?

After you order advertising on social networks, we analyze the scope of your activity and competitors. This is important in order to form a promotion strategy.

Social media ad formats are very diverse. Therefore, we will also create effective ad creatives. Our team consists of designers, photographers and filmmakers who can create projects of any format and level of complexity.

Testing your targeting approaches is an essential part of effective advertising. Therefore, we run multiple ad groups with different audience and creative settings. After the test, we select those that actually work.

Next, there is a moderation of ads on facebook / instagram and, of course, remarketing settings in different  variations.

The last step is tracking results. Making changes and necessary adjustments for the effective and systematic development of the campaign.

Is Facebook Pixel customization included in the ad campaign cost?

No, Facebook Pixel and conversion event settings are charged separately. Pixel advertising and further remarketing settings on the pixel audience are included in the general settings and advertising.

Is it possible to order the maintenance of the facebook or instagram page from you?

Yes, of course we have such a service. The price of maintaining a facebook or Instagram page is 3000 UAH per month. 

It is very convenient that you can order the maintenance of the page and its promotion in one agency. Because it saves you time looking for contractors. Advertising setup is paid separately.

How long does it take to set up an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram?

The creation of an advertising account on Facebook takes only a few hours. Further, from business analysis to setting up advertising campaigns it usually takes from 3 to 7 days. It takes 1-3 months to optimize ads to achieve the most effective results.

Is it possible to set up advertising in Instagram through Facebook?

Setting up targeting for Instagram using Facebook is subject to the same conditions as setting up any advertising campaign on Facebook. In fact, setting up Instagram using Facebook is the most effective method of creating and running Instagram advertising campaigns. Ad SPACE takes their work very seriously. Therefore, we do not promote the page by raising publications. We set up ads professionally. And for a nice price.

Can you help with the content?

Yes, we can. Our team employs a professional photographer, videographer for a designer. They can create copyrighted content of any complexity for you.

We can:

  • Create a page design on Instagram (general view, avatars for current stories, page avatar, profile header).
  • Create a logo (relevant for people who sell something).
  • Take photos and videos
  • Edit video from your material
  • retouch your photos.

You can read more about content services and prices here.

What services are included in the social media ad settings?

Setting up social media ads includes:

  • Identification of your target audience (CA).
  • Creation of an advertising strategy.
  • Writing advertising texts.
  • Setting up advertisements.
  • Launch of test advertising.
  • Analysis of the results obtained.
  • Optimization of advertising campaigns.
  • Launch of main advertising.

We also offer advertising support

Tracking includes:

  • optimization of advertising campaigns,
  • further remarketing settings
  • tracking of all indicators,
  • updating creatives
  • regular reporting.
Is it possible to order promotion of an Instagram store from you?

Yes, it is. Running a store requires the use of special methods of promotion on Instagram, as well as a whole range of related services. Our company has extensive experience in promoting pages on social networks. 

What does it take to run ads on social networks?

In order to advertise on social networks, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a business Facebook page.

We need this page in order to be able to run ads in social media at all. Even if you advertise only on Instagram.

  • Create an Instagram profile.
  • Link profiles on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create a page design on Instagram.

It is desirable to use author's photos and videos in the design. Optionally, you can customize the page yourself. But keep in mind that sales or subscriptions to your page depend on the quality of the page.

  • Fill the page with material (starting 9 posts, then add already according to the schedule).

You can do this yourself. But if you are interested in writing posts, then we can provide such a service. Ad SPACE employs professional targeting experts. They will be happy to help you.

  • Fill in the necessary information in the actual stories.
  • Set up an advertising account.
  • Customize social media advertisements.