Promotion with Ad Space is not about boosting likes, mass following and artificial activity.

Instagram advertising cannot work without quality content, SMM and many other factors. We use only effective ways to promote on Instagram and create working business models.

Promotion on Instagram with Ad SPACE is:


Instagram SMM strategy

We will go from analyzing all your competitors and their chips to creating unique models of interaction with your customers. Your business will stand out.

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Instagram targeting

Setting up Instagram ads on Facebook is the only correct option of using targeted ads. From setting up test campaigns to an automated customer search system. To read more about setting up Instagram via Facebook follow the link Facebook targeting ADS.

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Personal brand on Instagram

We develop a brand concept. Design. We create your own distinctive features. We will set up the right advertising to make your brand recognizable and unique.

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Unique content creation

We write selling texts. We shoot vivid photos and memorable videos. Read more about our content creation services on the Content page.

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How do you set up an Instagram target via Facebook?

First, we analyze the field of your activity and the level of competition in order to understand which directions to advertise and which strategy to choose.

If you have a website, be sure to install the Facebook Pixel and set up Google Analytics events to collect all the data about audiences, user actions and analyze traffic from social networks.

Instagram ad formats are very diverse, so the next step is the creation and selection of ad creatives that will best attract the attention of potential customers. Our team employs designers, photographers and videographers who can create creative of any format and level of complexity.

Testing a variety of targeting and creative selection approaches is an integral part of effective advertising in the future. Therefore, we run multiple ad groups with different audience settings and creatives to select the ones that actually work.

Next, there is an optimization and setup of remarketing in different variations, depending on the initial goals of the campaign and the specifics of your business.

The last step is to evaluate the effectiveness of targeted advertising on Instagram, we will make changes and necessary adjustments for the systematic development of the campaign.

Can I order an Instagram store from you?

Yes of course. Running a store requires the use of special methods of promotion on Instagram, as well as a whole range of related services. Our company successfully copes with the development of stores. 

How long does it take to set up targeted ads on Instagram?

It usually takes 3 to 7 days from analyzing a business to setting up advertising campaigns. It takes 1-3 months to optimize ads to achieve the most effective results.

How do you conduct SMM and what does it include?

Instagram promotion methods are very diverse. After analyzing your business and niche of activity, we choose the most effective ways for you. It is important to understand that Instagram is always about a beautiful picture and active communication. Therefore, SMM is primarily a search for interesting and relevant ways to interact with your customers.

How much does targeted Instagram ads cost?

The cost of setting up one advertising campaign is on average 100 $. Creation of advertising creatives is paid separately and depends on the variant and level of complexity.

Running an advertising campaign includes setting up remarketing, campaign optimization, regular reporting and consulting. The cost of running an advertising campaign is 30% of the monthly advertising budget.